How far would you go?

How far would you go? This is the campaign to commemorate the 50. anniversary of Terre des Hommes.

During the year you can do projects by yourself or as a team to collect donations for children in need.

John McGurk and the team from Sportler 4a childrens world are going very far. When they reach their fundraising target they will run several days and nights through Germany to visit several companies that sponsor them.

As a member of “Sportler 4a childrens world” I would like to give my contribution by  biking many  kilometres.Thomas and I will take part of  the “Super Brevet Scandinavia 2017” this month.

Super Brevet Scandinavia is a long distance bike ride around the Kattegat, a part of the Northern Sea. The goal is not racing or winning,  the challenge is to stay strong and finish

the distance in 90 hours. Endurance, mental force, navigation and resistance against tiredness are the main factors you need to bike 1200 kilometre with an elevation of 11000 meter

Starting point is Hirtshals in the North of Denmark. We will follow a track crossing Denmark and entering the South of Sweden. To make things more difficult we have to catch some ferries in time otherwise we  loose time. Along the westcoast of Sweden we will bike north to Norway to reach on the fourth day our final destination Kristiansand.

We thought that riding the distance for charity will motivate us more when the hills are getting tough and legs are weak of tiredness and when punctures happens.

We are looking for some friends who would like to sponsor the good cause and give children a chance for a better life and a better future. In this way you  will be  part of our team.

The account number of “Sportler 4 a childrens world ev” :

IBAN DE 85265501054648024000

Fill the note SBS2017 Ritter in as a sign that you are with us.

This request is without commitment and you should participate only by your own choice.


After the event we will report and post pictures on

More information about Sportler 4a childrens world

and the event:

We are looking forward to the challenge. Currently we are doing final adjustments on our velomobiles and going through the road books and sheets from the organisator.

And of course riding as many hills as we can find in our area.

Happy miles Thomas and Marita


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