Welcome to Oliebollentocht

The Oliebollentocht (OBT) is the biggest gathering of velomobiles on the planet. It is held every year after Christmas at a different place in the Netherlands.

This year it took place in a small village called Lattrop next to the German border. That made it very easy for us. We only had 85k to cycle. The day before the meeting we started our tour.

The weather was perfect. Most of all – it was dry.

The night we stayed in a scouting house in Rossum. Well, there were about 20 riders in the house. Everything was basic but good. The sleeping room was packed and fairly noisy.

Some of the riders snored like a freight train.

After breakfast we cycled in a group to the starting point of OBT. But before we could start I had to repair a flat tire on Marita’s Quest. Everyone waited for us – that was very kind.

Around 100 VMs gathered at the starting point in Lattrop for the group picture.

The start was at eleven. Four different tracks were available. We choose the long and “hilly” one. That was 110k with a few little hills in between. After 55k all tracks meet at a restaurant in Germany for coffee and cake (Gasthof-Restaurant „Zum Lönsberg“. Hesinger Str. 12 49843 Uelsen-Halle Duitsland). The sun was out and we sat outside to enjoy the nice weather.

After another 55k through beautiful and peaceful countryside we were back at the starting point. In the local bar (GASTERIJ DE SMID, Dorpstraat 32,7635 NC Lattrop) it was time for soup and oliebollen. Everyone had a good time.

We decided to cycle back  home. Another night in the scouting house was too much of a thread. Heiner and his Milan accompanied us. They showed us the way through busy Nordhorn up to Emsbüren. There we stopped and said goodbye to Heiner.

The rest of the ride we took it easy and enjoyed the ride through the dark.

OBT was brilliant. We met very, very nice people and this time the weather was made for velomobiles. Looking forward to next year.

N.B.: A good link for further information you find on the dutch recumbent side: http://de.ligfiets.net/news/5159/oliebollentocht-verslagen-en-beelden.html


8 Gedanken zu “Welcome to Oliebollentocht

  1. Hello Marita, Hello Thomas,

    thank you for the nice report of a fantastic event. It was nice to meet you again and all the other riders. Seems like I was leaving earlier than you so I couldn’t honk like announced 😉 Good to hear you had a safe trip home.

    Cheers … Lars

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  2. Hallo Marita, hallo Thomas,
    es war schön Euch kennengelernt zu haben. Vielen Dank für den Bericht und die Fotos!
    Alles Gute für 2016 und spätestens bis zur nächsten „Olibollentocht“

    Gefällt 1 Person

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