PBP 2015 is history

PBP 2015 is history. Pain and exhaustion are gone but all the wonderful moments are staying forever.

We didn´t expect that the whole course was either up hills or down hills, so pushing the velomobiles up the hill was very hard when tiredness came in addition.

PBP 2015 067
Before the start
PBP 2015 087
Almost everything vegan !
PBP 2015 123
Down to Brest (halftime!)
PBP 2015 148
High Five to the Kids

We had a time schedule of 90 hours and finished in 81 hours. During this time we slept one time for 3 hours and one time for 4 hours. We heard about the enthusiastic people in France when it comes to bike races, so there were really a lot of spectators even during night in some villages.

It was amazing, how often everybody was taking pictures or video Clips from our velomobiles and always asking the same questions.

After 27km I had a crash in a steep turnaround, I overturned on the right side and spectators had to set me up straight. The velo got scratches. Luckily I was ok, but my courage was a little bit low during the upcoming night.

Fortunately, we had no other problems or accidents and the good weather was also supporting us. My son, who is an enthusiastic taxi and truck driver took his rule as a supporter very seriously and we appreciate that we could count on him.

It was cool to meet some old friends from the race London Edinburgh London, and again like in 2013 we could feel that the randonneurs are like a big family.


3 Gedanken zu “PBP 2015 is history

  1. Hallo Gabi, wirklich eine tolle Erinnerung, habt ihr echt super hinbekommen. Auch die Musik passt sehr gut dazu. Viel Freude und Erfolg bei eurem neuen Randoneur Abenteuer. Die 1050km beim Hansebrevet haben uns auch echt Spaß gemacht, die vielen Kopfsteinpflaster waren diesmal die größte Prüfung für Mensch und Material. Liebe Grüße Marita

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